FaaS Track Software Development

Have you considered a Framework as a Service to develop software faster, cheaper, better?

Get your minimum Viable Product in 3-4 months

Enterprise Architecture

BOS-FaaS readily gives you the robustness, scalability and enterprise architecture of a mature system


BOS’ rich functionality can further be extended using BOS Extensions and as part of our Professional Services

Fixed Budget Model

BOS is a flexible and open-ended framework and comes with a rich set of APIs


Readily layer your business requirements, cutting months off development


BOS is a flexible and open-ended framework and comes with a rich set of APIs

Tried and Tested

Take comfort in employing a Framework that is trusted by tens of organizations across the globe

Get A Viable Product

How can you compete with a "Minimum Viable Product"?


BOS has been developed challenging the MVP paradigm. BOS-FaaS helps you get a car that you can drive on the highway in 3-4 months as opposed to a mere skateboard. It puts you in the drivers seat allowing you to use your product within the first few weeks thereby giving you the competitive advantage and the efficiencies that you need, to thrive in your business





Whether you are a start-up looking to get your idea up quickly, a technology group challenged with a ridiculous deadline or a fortune 500 that needs an initiative launched very quickly, BOS-FaaS is right for you. Once on the BOS-FaaS fast-track, you will not want to do software any other way.


BOS natively integrates with